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Rescue Volunteer Hose Company No. 1

Serving Walden Fire District No. 2, and the WNY community.
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Rescue Volunteer Hose Company No. 1, Inc.

Cheektowaga, New York

In 1903, the Town of Cheektowaga had a population of approximately 5,000 people. A group of concerned citizens met with the Town Board on June 17th at the home of Joseph Forestor to discuss the creation of a fire district. Two petitions had been filed. One, with 32 signatures, sought the creation of the fire district. The other, with 64 signatures, opposed the creation. Since most of those in opposition lived in the northern area of town, it was proposed that only the southern area of town be in the fire district.

As a first step, the Town Board established a water dsitrict on July 2, 1903 in the Walden Avenue area and contracted with the Depew and Lake Erie Water Company for ten hydrants at $65 per annum for five years. A later determination was made to add three more hydrants raising the assesment to $845.

The first meeting called to order by the citizens of the Walden Avenue area to create a fire distrct and to incorporate a volunteer fire company was held at the home of Joseph Frestor, at Randolph and Doat, on September 3, 1903. Joseph Forestor was elected chairman and Peter Fick was elected secretary.

Mr. Fossett moved that the fire company should be incorporated under the name of Rescue Volunteer Hose Company No. 1 of Cheektowaga. Mr. Hasselback moved that the Chair appoint a committee of four, together with the Chairman, to ascertain the best ways and means to secure a hose cart and hose and also to ascertain the best location that can be secured for a "hose house". The Chair appointed thefollowing committee: Jacob Hasselback, Bernard Fossett, Louis Butch, and Peter Fick.

A motion was made by Jacob Hasselback that the committee be instructed to secure by-laws and a constitution to govern the company.

The first officers of Rescue Volunteer Hose Company No. 1 of Cheektowaga, elected September 8, 1903, were:

Jacob Hasselback President Joseph Forestor Vice President
H.F. Weiberg Secretary Peter Fick Treasurer
Louis Butch Trustee E. Enerst Trustee
George Lohr Trustee Bernard Fossett Chief
Jacob Rosart Assistant Chief H.F. Weiberg Captain
William Butch First Lieutenant William Zimmer Second Lieutenant